design and simulation

The design and the simulation were carried out on the most modern 3D CAD systems. This made it possible to create photo-realistic 3D models and precise flow simulations with detailed calculations even before the prototype phase.

The values and data generated in this way meet our highest requirements for product quality, efficiency and aesthetics.


The construction of several prototype variants represented an important part in the development of our product. The theoretically calculated values and data could thus be validated and processed. The practical tests carried out served to further optimize the brake.

As a result, our product meets even the highest precision requirements for demanding customers.

Practice test muzzle brake

In order to achieve an optimal ratio of recoil reduction and irritation for the shooter, various practical tests were carried out with different channel configurations and geometries. The influence of 3, 4 and 5 port systems was also considered.

We are proud to say that we have developed one of the most effective and comfortable recoil brakes on the market.

test evaluation

Practical test running vibration

Numerous test series were recorded in order to show the effects of changing the running vibration in practice and to visualize the effect in an easily accessible way for everyone.

Conclusion: The physical principle of "tuning" works perfectly! It has been proven that groups of shots can be greatly optimized with this.

test series