The Tuner Brake for PRS and Long Range


muzzle brake

The flow-optimized design of our highly effective V-shaped gas channels combines the optimum of precision, recoil reduction, gas deflection and muzzle flash suppression. In addition, sloping bores in the first baffle direct the resulting gases away from the shooter and enable a more pleasant shooting experience than muzzle brakes on the market.

6 forward-leaning, individually closable compensator channels with 64 possible combinations enable optimal adjustment of the muzzle deflection of the weapon.

With all these measures, we ensure minimal irritation for the marksman and even large PRS or long range practice series can be completed almost without tiring.

Sinus Brake Barrel Tuner f├╝r PRS und Long Range

barrel tuner

The barrel tuner can be adjusted without tools, allows you to easily adjust the optimal barrel vibration to your ammunition. This is reflected in a smaller group size. The charge development, which is often very time-consuming with the PRS and Long Range, is now child's play, time-consuming embedment depth tests and unnecessary waste of charge components are a thing of the past.

The extremely non-slip surface structure at the front end of the tuner brake offers the best possible adjustability even in the coldest temperatures. The CNC-engraved vernier guarantees an exact readability of your selected setting, even in sub-optimal lighting conditions.

An O-ring made of high-temperature-resistant elastomer is used to keep the holding power of the barrel tuner constantly high during the tuning process.

The recessed match muzzle ensures a trouble-free bullet discharge.

Libelle Tuner Brake

alignment bubble

The new use of a built-in precision spirit level with a reading accuracy of ┬▒0.1 degrees makes the exact alignment of the tuner brake during assembly child's play.

This guarantees that the flow channels and the compensator system of the muzzle brake can act 100% perpendicular to the weapon.

thread adapter

Our interchangeable thread adapter is used to adapt the Sinus Brake to your barrel thread.

The self-locking fine thread and the mating surfaces are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Particular attention was paid to tight radial clearance and the selection of fits. The specially designed construction prevents the aligned brake from turning when tightening. In addition, the adapter is engraved with the appropriate thread size and an alignment aid. A built-in dirt trapping groove ensures absolute ease of adjustment even after long and rough use. When changing to a different thread size, only the adapter needs to be replaced, but not the entire brake.

Fertigung der M├╝ndungsbremse


Muzzle brake, barrel tuner and thread adapter are manufactured on modern 5-axis CNC processing machines and thus combine the highest manufacturing quality with absolute precision.

The only material used for our Sinus Brake is special stainless steel, which sets optical and functional standards in the field of barrel tuning with an extremely wear-resistant DLC+ coating.

Your Sinus Brake is 100% "Made in Germany" . The quality control of the individual parts of the tuner brake is carried out according to the certification specifications of ISO 9001:2015.


... more FAQs

Can I get a personalized Sinus Brake?

Yes! Since we construct, manufacture and coat all parts ourselves, we can fulfill (almost) all special requests. Here we have the possibility, for example, to make the following adjustments: coloring and coating, lettering, tuner weight, special muzzle thread, special adapter dimensions, etc.

We would be happy to plan your custom sinus brake together!

Where can I find the data sheet and further information about the brake?

All relevant information can be found in our operating instructions. You can find this under the menu item Service on our homepage.

How do I know which muzzle thread my gun has?

Ask your manufacturer or look at the data sheet for your weapon. Otherwise, measure the outside diameter of your thread with calipers and determine the pitch with a pitch gauge. Make sure that the thread is metric or imperial.

How do I set the compensator system?

A detailed description can be found in the operating instructions.

Do I have to glue in the retaining screws of the muzzle thread adapter?

Yes. These must be glued in with a medium-strength screw lock.

Tip: Allow to harden 24 hours before use.

Which target should I use for the tuner test?

You are welcome to use the tuner target provided for you in the download area.

Should I adjust the tuner or the compensator system first?

Our recommendation for this would be to adjust the compensator system first. This is followed by the tuning process. If you subsequently make changes to the compensator system, this can affect the running vibration and make it necessary to retune.

What is the difference between the conical and cylindrical adapter shape

The only difference between the two adapters is their diameter. The conical adapter is suitable for barrels <= 23.4mm (0.92") barrel diameter at the barrel end and smaller. The cylindrical adapter is suitable for barrels > 23.4mm (0.92") barrel diameter at the barrel end. There is no difference in function. The shape is purely cosmetic.

Do I need tools to install the Sinus Brake?

To fit the Sinus Brake thread adapter, you need a hook wrench for diameter 29mm with 3mm spigot. This is available from our online store under the following link. Hook wrench

Other tools are already included in the scope of delivery.

Where do I attach the flicker band screw?

Replace the grub screw on the top (retaining screw of the threaded adapter) with the enclosed flicker band screw and tighten it with a torque of max. 1.5 Nm (1-1.5 Nm). Check that the other retaining screws of the threaded adapter are tight.

Wie viel wiegt die Sinus Brake?

Sinus Brake 270 gramm

Sinus Brake .50 Magnum 990 gramm

Sinus Benchrest Tuner 365 gramm

Die Gewichte k├Ânnen je nach Gewindeadapter um ein paar gramm variieren.

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